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Wine Racks

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Wine rack for true wine lovers

If you’re a wine lover, you really can’t go without a wine rack. It’s a convenient way to store your most valuable bottles and showcase them in your living room. You could of course put a number of racks in your cellar or garage, where the wine will keep nice and chill. What’s characteristic about a wine rack is that all your bottles are stored horizontally. This stops the cork from drying out, and lets you enjoy the wine years down the road. vidaXL has wine racks in various sizes. The smallest rack has room for eight bottles, and the largest stores a whopping 108!


Wine racks in all types and sizes

There are many options when it comes to wine racks. You can choose to store only part of your collection in a wine rack, but there are also racks with room for more than a hundred bottles. The material options include striking wooden wine racks with a classical, rural or industrial look and metal racks that will look good in a modern interior. These metal rack designs vary from sleek to ornamental.


Suitable rooms for a wine rack

Preferably, wine is stored in a dry room with a constant temperature. A convenient place for your wine rack is the kitchen or living room. It’s where most wine is drunk, and it makes it easy to grab a bottle. Another option is placing the racks in the cellar or garage. These rooms are typically dark and cool, meaning conditions are perfect for storing valuable bottles. Do make sure the wine is at drinking temperature when you open it.

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