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Buying a cabinet? Come browse the vidaXL selection

vidaXL has different types of cabinets in its selection – ideal for creating storage space in any room of your home. A cabinet not only lets you store your things out of sight, they can also be used to emphasise certain accessories. Buying a cabinet begins with thinking about what size the cabinet should be, and in which room you’ll be placing it. After all, they do come in just about all shapes and sizes. Think of filing cabinets, wardrobes, sideboards and buffets, dresser and spirit cabinets. At vidaXL, you’ll find a wide range of furniture, including cabinets and storage space for any room in your home.


Buying a stylish cabinet

Living room cabinets (or any other kind, really) aren’t just convenient for putting away your things; they can be the real centrepiece of the room. A filing cabinet doesn’t exactly bring to mind gorgeous designs, but if you need to place one in your living room or bedroom, that’s probably just what you’d want. At vidaXL we offer both practical cabinets and cabinets that give your interior decoration a little extra flair. Think for instance of large wooden book cases with enough room for all your favourite reads. You’ll also find smart living solutions for smaller homes, like a wide dresser that can be affixed to the wall, storage boxes, and small sideboards.


Cabinets and storage solutions made from various materials

If you’re looking for more storage space and want to buy a new (living room) cabinet, you’ll have numerous materials to choose from. There are quite a few options in the wooden cabinet category alone! There are many different types of wood, and the wood can be combined with other materials. For instance, a cabinet made from recycled wood will look great in a bohemian or vintage style room. The weathered look and multiple wood colours make it an excellent piece of furniture to combine with other items. Another popular combination is wood and metal. This can be used for the feet, but it’s also a great choice for the handles or other detailing. A wood-and-metal cabinet will look right at home in an industrial interior. Metal cabinets are also a very good option when you’re going for an industrial look. Are you only looking for a place to display your showpieces? Then why not go with an open cabinet or rack, or a cabinet with glass doors. When making your selection, make sure your new cabinet fits in with the furniture you already have, that it has plenty of storage space, and of course, that you love the way it looks.

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