How to choose a gaming chair

A comfortable chair makes all the difference. You might be spending long working hours on a chair or enjoying your favourite console games. This means the quality of your chair will greatly influence your wellbeing. A correct posture while sitting is vital for many aspects, from health issues to the amount of fun you have.

That’s why choosing the right gaming chair can change your whole gaming experience. The size of the chair, adjustability, the material - you must consider all these details to know what to look for in a gaming chair. Our buying guide is here to give you all the necessary tips you need. 


Details to pay attention to when choosing a gaming chair

A gaming chair is not only a piece of furniture that is supposed to provide comfort. Due to advanced technology, today’s gaming chairs have special functions to accommodate hours of gaming. The reason why gaming chairs can be paired with your preferred gaming system, for better use. So, before anything, make sure to check the system compatibility. Long hours of gaming can put a lot of pressure on your back. Look for ergonomic features like lumbar support, adjustable back and armrests, neck support, and a retractable footrest. Some can even tilt back.

A PC gaming chair is suitable for playing computer games, while a racer chair is a comfy gaming chair for exciting races. To add even more functionality, the racer gaming chair is equipped with pedals, a steering wheel, or a shift knob.

On the other hand, the pedestal gaming chair can be elevated above the ground, for more assisted comfort. The rocking gaming chair is super popular for allowing the gamer to relax and lay back.

A gaming chair can be big!

Size is always important when choosing a piece of furniture. Gaming chairs are always quite big, compared to regular desk chairs. They have height and weight dimensions to pick from but keep in mind they have to fit your room.

At the same time, pay attention to your body type. A gaming chair that’s too small will create physical discomfort, while one that’s too big will also not help your gaming skills.


Invest in high-quality material 

The gaming chair suitable for you is the one providing ultimate comfort. It is also durable and sturdy, capable to offer great body support, and last for years. When thinking about the materials it’s made of, don’t overlook the base of the chair. This feature will make the difference between a cheap gaming chair that’s less durable and one with a long-lasting life.

The options you have in terms of material are:

  • Leather – Real leather is everlasting, sturdy, and breathable, which allows the chair to stay cool and provide much-needed comfort.
  • PU leather – Cheaper than real leather, PU is spill-resistant and doesn’t dry out after multiple uses.
  • PVC leather – PVC leather is another affordable option. It’s stain and water-resistant, and it comes in a variety of colours. 
  • Fabric – Much more breathable than leather. A fabric gaming chair feels soft to touch and doesn’t stretch in time. 
  • Mesh – A mesh chair is the most breathable and very comfortable. Keep in mind that mesh is not as easy to clean as the rest of the materials, which might cause the chair to show signs of wear & tear sooner.


What’s your style?

Finding the right gaming chair is not easy. Besides comfort, you should look into its appearance. After all, it is still a furniture piece, and it has to suit your style preferences. Many of them come in a variety of colours, matching your gaming console or your PC. Other gaming chairs can be customized with your favourite colour scheme, game themes, and characters. With a bit of research, you can find the gaming chair of your dreams.

To go the extra mile, pick a chair with built-in tech features. Some have a footrest; others focus on high-tech details. Enjoy a built-in speaker and even a headrest speaker. With such versatile options, choosing the perfect gaming chair is several clicks away. Make sure to check our great offer of gaming chairs below and let the gaming begin!