Blend indoor and outdoor living with the Al Fresco trend - relax and entertain in style!


The Al Fresco living trend rocks - here are three reasons why!

Get your outdoor vibes on with the Al Fresco trend. Style your space to suit your need for comfort & love for the great outdoors!

Al Fresco roofs

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Enjoy the great outdoors with Al fresco roofing. Canopies and gazebos offer a cool and stylish way to stay covered.

Al Fresco dining

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Upgrade your chill space with Al Fresco lounging or dining furniture that's both comfy and sturdy. Choose the perfect combo of indoor design and outdoor durability.

Al Fresco décor

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Design an Al Fresco living décor that has a homey feel. Fireplaces, blankets, lights, and rugs are perfect for the ultimate outdoor lounge vibe!


Essentials to complete your Al Fresco look

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Top 5 Al Fresco styling ideas

Looking for Al Fresco living styling ideas? These are the 5 tips we swear by:


  1. Light it up with string lights, lanterns, and flameless candles for a cosy mood.
  2. Hang a hammock or swing for the ultimate relaxation.
  3. Go for a vacation vibe décor with striped patterns, cool shades, and sun loungers.
  4. Brighten things up with colourful pillows, pouffes, and tableware for a pop of fun.
  5. Make a statement with a cool fire pit or a striking outdoor art piece for a standout focal point.


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