Maximalist interior design style

Dive into the vibrant world of maximalism

Let's imagine your own maximalist world, where more is definitely more. We'll learn to create a space that stands out through a bold use of colours and textures. Find out what makes the maximalist interior design truly amazing.


What are the key elements of the maximalism style?

Maximalism celebrates the use of vibrant colours, textured materials, and eclectic decorations. It's about breaking free from conventional norms and embracing the extraordinary.

A symphony of maximalist colours

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Maximalism comes alive with a bold palette - like vibrant burgundies and lively yellows - bringing joy to your space. Mix various prints with bright patterns, and remember to add statement pieces to create visual interest.

Maximalist materials you’ll love

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Enjoy the endless possibilities of materials in your maximalist design. From lush velvet to sleek metals, textured linen or feather accents, each material adds to the visual excess that defines this style.

Must-have decorations in maximalist interior design

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In maximalism, decorations steal the spotlight. Think of ornate chandeliers, interesting sculptures, and eye-catching wallpapers.

Bring maximalist vibes home in 3 easy steps!

Wondering how to decorate in a maximalist style? Follow these 3 simple steps to add the ‘more is more’ essence of maximalism to your space.

  • Step 1: Mix and match functionality with striking style

    Choose ornate TV cabinets and storage solutions with unique designs – essential pieces serving as show-stoppers in your maximalist, yet practical home.

  • Step 2: Embrace eclectic elegance

    Find joy in playing with different shapes and contrasting designs when picking out your sofas, dining chairs, or armchairs. Choose comfort, but put a fun and colourful spin on your interior with every piece.

  • Step 3: Design a maximalist social hub

    Turn your space into a lively social hub by adding essential pieces like chic benches, trendy footrests, and cosy pouffes. Don't forget to include stylish coffee tables to enhance your entertaining zone.

Maximalism essentials await

Explore must-have products for your perfect maximalist heaven—from bold furniture to outstanding accents.

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Maximalist design ideas from our customers

See real-life maximalist interior design ideas in our #sharemevidaxl gallery. Get inspired and dare to bring maximalism home.


Decorating every room in the maximalist style

Feel free to play and get maximalism into your living room, bedroom, and dining room. Add personality and an eclectic blend of colourful elements throughout your living spaces.

Maximalism in your living room

Transform your living room into the ultimate, elegant retreat. Choose plush seating, textured fabrics, and striking furniture design for a maximalist living space.

Maximalist bedroom

Make your bedroom pop with the complexity of maximalism. Integrate lavish fabrics, cosy rugs, and standout furniture to craft a dreamy maximalist escape.

A maximalist dining room

Turn your dining room into a maximalist masterpiece. Choose vibrant wallpapers, mixed table linens, and captivating accents to create an eclectic dining experience.

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