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Stylish and functional side tables

It’s always handy to have a side table, and they’re so easy to move around a room. Put one next to the sofa, with a lush plant, a lamp, candles or other decorations on top. You can also put a few of them together and use them as a coffee table. Another option is to use them as bedside tables. This will give your bedroom a fun, modern twist. The vidaXL selection has plenty to offer in terms of industrial side tables, end tables made from wood, glass, or plastic, and many more things besides.

A side table is (almost) never alone

A side table really shouldn’t be on its own. If you have too little space on your coffee table, why not get a few side tables? You can place these small tables on at the side of the sofa, or against a bare wall. It makes them functional, but decorative at the same time. At birthdays, or whenever you have guests over, side tables are easy to pull up and add to the sitting area. That’s just one of the reasons you should keep a few spread around the living room or the rest of your home.

Cheap side tables in the latest fashion

At vidaXL, you will find a wide selection of various tables, including coffee tables and side tables that follow the latest trends. Our product range is regularly rounded out with new furniture in various materials and colours. From industrial side tables that are hot right now, to brass tables that lend a modern look to your interior design – we have something for every home decoration style.

Large and small designs

If you have a large living room, you could go with a large statement side table. Use it to display a striking collection of items you want to show off. If don’t have that much space, multifunctional tables are a good choice. Did you know you can use certain side tables as a stool as well? You’ll never have even the most unexpected guests sitting on the floor. Another option for people with limited space is the so-called telephone table. This is a small end table that, as the name suggests, is just big enough for a telephone set.

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