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Story Time | Style your book collection

Story Time | Style your book collection

Once upon a time, there lived a land of books filled with endless stories about great leaders, thinkers, and doers. These books were not just words on paper; they were magical gifts that kept on giving through teachings of how the greats accomplished miraculous wonders and how we too can unleash such capabilities. Through time the words on paper have travelled across nations and been written in an assortment of native languages. After exhaustive journeys around the world, these books have been searching for a place for safekeeping. They were in search of a home that could provide them with a sturdy shelf to sit back, relax, and patiently wait to be read on a cosy Autumn evening! 

Find a bookcase that matches your interior.

Along came the bookcase.

Books are fascinating creations that authors put their heart and soul into just like you put into your home. Each bookcase brings a sophisticated style of character into your interior. No matter the style of your home, a bookcase can bring out just the right amount of energy into your space. The bookcase and book were a match made in heaven, so no more laying your favourite reads on the floor or in random spots in your home. Let us help your books find their perfect bookcase match today!

Along came the bookcase.

Find a bookcase that matches your interior.

Each bookcase was carefully selected to showcase your home in the most flattering way. The goal of our bookcase match was to make reading cool again in a comfortable space that encourages you to turn off your technology and get lost in the words of the world. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, grab your favourite blanket, a cup of tea, and head over to your new bookcase to find a book that gives you the feeling of being somewhere else while staying where you are. Let's escape the world book after book!

Must have styled bookcases:


The industrial bookcase offers a chic aesthetic that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces. The use of unexpected materials creates an iconic look throughout your home.

vidaXL Ladder Bookcase 4 Tiers Metal BlackvidaXL Bookshelf Industrial Black 90x40x180 cm SteelBookcase Solid Firwood and Steel 80x42x180 cm


vidaXL 3-Layer Book Shelf Black 60x27.6x90.5 cm ChipboardvidaXL 5-Layer Book Shelf Black 60x27.6x158.5 cm ChipboardvidaXL Bookcase Solid Firwood and Steel 40.5x32.5x180 cm



The Scandinavian bookcase is minimalistic, simplistic, and functional. It will move your home in the direction of modern meets natural elements.

5 Tier Bookcase Light Wood with White ESCALANTEvidaXL Ladder Shelf White 75x37x205 cm Solid Mango WoodvidaXL 3-Tier Book Cabinet White 40x24x108 cm Chipboard


Corner Ladder Shelf Dark Wood and White MOBILE SOLOFloating Wall Display Shelf 8 Compartments Oak Colour      vidaXL Cube Wall Shelves Sonoma Oak 84.5x15x27 cm Chipboard



The bohemian bookcase is a free-spirit animal that unleashes colour, textures, and patterns into your home in a relaxed, uniquely pleasing aesthetic.

vidaXL Wooden Boat Cabinet 40x30x130 cm Solid Reclaimed WoodvidaXL Bookshelf 80x25x175 cm Solid Mango WoodBookshelf 50x30x180 cm Solid Mango Wood


Vintage Style Reclaimed Solid Wood Bookshelf5-Tier Square Bamboo ShelfvidaXL 5-Tier Bookcase 60x22.5x140 cm Solid Oak Wood



The farmhouse bookcase emphasizes comfort and casual living with a splash of country, sophistication, and practicality. The mix of wood elements and white tones will have you feeling ready to snuggle up on the couch and read.

vidaXL 5-Tier Bookcase 60x22.5x140 cm Solid Oak WoodvidaXL Chic Bookcase Cabinet with 3 Shelves White WoodenvidaXL Bookcase with 1 Drawer White 40x30x170 cm MDF



The contemporary bookcase is defined by subtle, simplistic sophistication that showcases textures, cleanliness, and the feeling of spaciousness throughout your home.

vidaXL Small Straight Book Shelf Black and Oak 33.5x39.6x79.7 cm ChipboardvidaXL 2-Layer Book Shelf Black and Oak 52x28x59 cm ChipboardvidaXL 3-Layer Book Shelf Oak 60x27.6x90.5 cm Chipboard


5 Tier Bookshelf Dark Wood and Black FORRESvidaXL Bookcase Solid Firwood and Steel 90.5x35x180 cmvidaXL 4-Tier Bookcase 80x30x180 cm Solid Mango Wood



The retro bookcase is a mixture of styles from the past that recreates the eras of the 50s, the 60s, and the 70s. Add several decades into your home in a fashionable way.


vidaXL Bookshelf Solid Sheesham Wood 75x30x170 cmvidaXL Bookshelf Solid Sheesham Wood 150x35x200 cmBookcase White with Dark Wood ALLOA


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