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How to craft the perfect man cave in 3 easy steps!


How to craft the perfect man cave in 3 easy steps!

Every man needs a man cave – a place to get away with no rules and freedom to be the king of the throne. A place where he can store all his funky furniture and be able to invite his fellow cavemen over for beers, pool, and videogames. A warm and cozy refuge to indulge in hobbies and guilty pleasure to his heart's desire. The best part is this man gets complete control over the aesthetics of the cave. 

Crafting the perfect man cave.

Man caves can be as crazy and unique as the one who builds them—three essential factors to consider during the planning process is the location, theme, and furnishings:


The cave can be in the attic, a spare room, garage, all the way to a shed in the garden. The most important part is to find a space where you can relax and be stress-free. So, wherever your heart desires to locate the cave, the most important part is creating privacy and personal space. And yes, we did mention a shed in the garden. 


The theme is the best part! No more being told your favourite accessories and furniture do not match the interior of the house. This is a private sanctuary, a man retreat—choose a theme that reflects your inner caveman's personality and interests. Although there is one-rule, make sure that the wall colour, style of furnishings, and flooring align with the theme.


Find the coolest furniture that no one needs to approve to match the overall house interior. Think in terms of a big lazy comfy couch to crash on, gaming chairs, tv stands, rugs, bar tables & stools, beer/wine barrels, and gaming tables. There is no limit to what cavemen want in their caves.

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6 ideas for the perfect man cave:

  • Gentleman's Club
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  • Home Casino


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  • Sports cave
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  • Gamers cave
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  • Artist's studio
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  • Musicians man cave
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The time is now to collect your ideas and start crafting your perfect man cave! 


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