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Garden trends for spring 2021


Gartentrends für den Frühling 2021


Winter isn’t officially over yet, but we’re already looking ahead to the spring. This is the time that the first flowers show themselves again, and where here and there some buds start to appear in your plants again. In this blog we’ll give you some good tips about how to get your garden ready for spring and share the latest trends of 2021!

Clean up before you start something new

Before you start planting new flowers or plants, it’s important that you first prepare the ground. Remove weeds and get rid of the leaves on the lawn, the paths and your pond. Keep the leaves that are lying around the plants for now, this will form an isolation layer for plants and animals. Do make sure the layer doesn’t get too thick. When you’ve tidied up the garden, you can start trimming fruit trees (amongst others) in March. For hedges, it’s better to wait to start the trimming until April comes around.

March is also the time to get your lawn ready for spring and summer. First start with scarifying the grass. This removes moss and dead grass, which ensures that more air can get to your lawn. Sow grass seeds in the empty spots once you’re done scarifying and make sure the seeds get plenty of good nutrients (fertilisation). When the temperature rises, make sure to water the lawn regularly in spring. This because the newly sowed grass needs water to grow.

When you’ve raked up all the leaves, there are no more weeds in sight, and you’ve taken care of the lawn it’s time to start sowing and planting! Go for planters, pots or borders on the spots where you want to put your new plants and flowers. Get some daffodils, violets or hyacinths to create some colour in your garden. Besides the flowers, also get some green plants. There are also several plants that will stay green in winter, like boxwood or ivy. By getting evergreen plants you kill two birds with one stone!

 Deze houten plantenbank is een geweldige keuze voor doe-het-zelvers om hun tuinen, balkons of terrassen in te richten of te decoreren. Deze houten plantenbak heeft een ingebouwd klimrek en voegt een beetje charme toe aan je buitenruimte.

Getting your patio ready for those sunny days

When February comes around you don’t have to start dragging your garden set outside just yet. However, if you have enough space in a shed or garage, you can start cleaning your wooden furniture. Mix equal parts of water with cleaning vinegar and use a brush to remove any green deposits there might be. The same cleaning agent can be used for tiles with green tarnish. Rattan, wicker and textilene garden furniture can be cleaned with a special garden furniture cleaning product. And then, when the sun really starts to show, you’re ready to enjoy some time outside on your amazingly clean patio! During spring it can still get cold and rain quite a lot, so protect your garden furniture with a cover or put it back inside if it’s needed.


Moving on to the trends for the new year! For a few years already, the outdoor space has really become an extension of your interior. Accessories, coffee tables and comfortable chairs to relax in are 2021 essentials! Next to that, we see a lot of new material combinations such as aluminium or steel combined with wood and rattan and solid wood. Parasols with a wooden base are also a popular option this year. To make lounging outdoors even more comfortable, another garden furniture trend of 2021 are outdoor coffee tables.



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