One Man Tents


One Man Tents: The Best Option for Solo Campers

For solo adventurers, one man tents are the best sleeping arrangement as they allow them to become one with nature. Having a lightweight and compact tent is important when you’re going on a camping trip alone. Here at vidaXL, you’ll find a wide selection of one man tents. 

Our 1 man tents are designed to minimize weight so you can easily take them with you on a hike. Whether you’re looking for comfortable accommodation or an emergency shelter, you’ll find the perfect tent that meets your individual demands in our webshop. 


1 Man Tents – Lightweight and Durable 

Easy to pack away and transport, our 1 man tents are perfect for solo expeditions. These tents are designed to provide maximum protection and security without adding extra weight to your backpack. They can be folded for easy transportation to your next campsite. 

Our 1 person tents are waterproof and have strong structures. Available in a range of sizes and colors, one man tents are the best option for anyone looking to enjoy stress-free camping.


Don’t Worry About the Weather 

All our one man tents are designed with your camping needs in mind. With our 1 person tents, you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions as they have all the necessary features to make you comfortable as you enjoy your camping adventure. Browse through the various designs and colors of 1 man tents to find the right option for your next adventure.

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