Bestway pools


Bestway swimming pools

One of the best solutions to get your garden ready for the summer season is to add a Bestway swimming pool. These pools are nice and spacious and will instantly become the ideal place to cool down during hot summer days.

If you’re not ready to get a built-in pool in your garden, there are several nice above-ground pools from various brands. A Bestway swimming pool or an Intex pool will definitely bring you lots of fun memories!


Bestway pools for your garden

Bestway is a brand that is well known among all swimming pool enthusiasts. The product range of Bestway is very wide, so anyone can find a Bestway pool to their liking. Moreover, since the company has been on the market for many years, you can be sure to get the best quality pools for an affordable price.

Bestway swimming pools vary in shapes, sizes, and materials they are made of. We would like to emphasize some specifications to consider before purchasing the swimming pool.


Measure your garden and choose the perfect Bestway pool

In order to find the perfect Bestway pool, we advise you to measure the available space in your garden where you want to add your swimming pool.

Make sure that the area where the pool will be placed is as even as possible. Before purchasing your product, check out the measurements of the Bestway pools you want to buy. This will avoid unpleasant surprises when your kids are ready to jump in a pool, but you can’t place it anywhere!


Pools made of various materials

Modern swimming pools are made of various materials such as steel, PVC, or vinyl. The walls of Bestway swimming pools are made of extra-strong Tritech, a 3-layer reinforced material that consists of laminated heavy-duty PVC and a polyester mesh, which makes the side walls extra-thick, offering superior strength and durability. The foundation of the garden pools is made of sturdy steel or plastic frames that guarantee a stable and secure construction. Bestway emphasizes the durability of the materials that are used. It is very important for the pool to be sturdy enough to hold all the water and for kids (and adults) to play in it. It takes approximately around 30 minutes for Bestway pool with frame to be installed. Just fill it up with water and when it’s full, everyone can jump in!

After the pool season is over, it can be disassembled quickly and easily. All Bestway pools are equipped with a drain valve that can be attached to your garden hose, so the water can quickly be drained. When the pool is completely dry, it can be stored anywhere until it’s time for the next summer.


Shop your swimming pool online

At vidaXL, you’ll find a wide range of swimming pools from different brands. A Bestway pool for example is a great addition to your garden which will bring you joy in a lot of summers to come. When you’ve selected your perfect pool and placed the order, vidaXL will make sure it’s delivered in time and free of any additional charges.

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