Above ground pools


Benefits of above ground pools

If it seems like above ground pools are all around you – that’s probably the case. As pools are getting more affordable and summers are getting hotter, it’s a smart decision to get one for your home and cool down on days when temperatures are breaking new records. Compared to inground pools, above ground ones have several advantages.

  • They are very easy to install. While it would take weeks to prepare the terrain for an inground pool, not to mention the number of people that will be involved, you can install an above ground pool by yourself.
  • The easy installation automatically means it’s more affordable. There is no need for hiring workers and your garden is good as it is.
  • These pools are safer as there is no danger of accidentally falling into one of them. They don’t require additional fencing which makes them a great option if small kids are running around.
  •  Some types can be stored away for the winter, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance when you’re not using the pool.


We have above ground swimming pools for every taste

We offer above ground swimming pools in many varieties. Browse through our wide range of pools in different shapes and sizes and find the one that best matches your outdoor space.

Depending on the size and shape of your garden, you can choose between round, oval and rectangular pools. Choose a small, shallow pool for your kids to safely play in, or get pool that’s up to 7 metres long for a real pool party in your backyard.

In our assortment you’ll find freestanding swimming pools that you can fill up with water right away. They even come with an inflatable ring around them for extra safety.

Steel frame pools are typically bigger and more robust. They don’t take long to assemble but guarantee a long-lasting structure that you can keep in your garden throughout the year.


How to pick the best pool for your outdoor space

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an above ground swimming pool.

  • Measure your garden

Make sure that your pool fits in your garden or the space you have available – better to be safe than sorry.

  • Check local regulations

In some places, there are rules about the space between a pool and its surrounding structures. Check in advance to make sure you’re not in any kind of violation.

  • Choose a shape

Frame pools come in various shapes (round, oval, rectangular, etc.) and some of them may be more suitable for the size or shape of your garden than others.

  • Pick a wall height

The height of the pool walls determines the depth. Consider who would be using the pool before making your decision. If the pool is too deep, small kids can be intimidated by it. If it’s too shallow, it may not be fun enough for adults and experienced swimmers.

  • Permanent or temporary pool

Some swimming pools can be left outside during winter. Others need to be stored, so you can use them again without frost or weather damages next summer.

Whatever your choice is, you can be sure to find the right option in our assortment. Browse through it and use our filters to find the best pool for your garden, so you can organise your first summer pool party as soon as possible!

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