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The ultimate powder coating bundle! Featuring the T-Mech 45L powder coating machine and curing oven!

This bundle is great for big projects - with the electrostatic powder coating machine having a large 45L powder capacity and the curing oven featuring 2 shelves with rails. Both are easy to use and come with a 12 month electrical warranty!

Powder coating is used to create a durable and high quality finish, which is great for tough machinery! Power coated products are more resistant to corrosion, fading and chipping so when done correctly it should last a very long time.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process using powder particles that are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto grounded metal work. After the coating is applied, you need to cure the parts using a powder coating curing oven.

Powder coating machines & ovens are used in a range of industries including auto parts, medical equipment, home appliances and much more!

Powder Coating Machine

  • Product features:
  • Easy to navigate control panel
  • Includes 1 spray gun
  • Comes on wheels making it fully portable
  • 12 month electrical warranty
  • CE Approved
  • Dimensions: 74cm (H) x 65cm (W) x 50cm (D)


  • Input Power Voltage: 220V – 230V AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
  • Input Power: 40W
  • Electromagnetic valve control power voltage: 24V DC
  • Input Air Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa
  • Output Air Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa
  • Max. Air Consumption: 13.2m3/h
  • Output Powder Volume: Max. 600g/min
  • Output Powder Voltage: 0-100KV
  • Output Current: 0-150uA
  • Powder Hopper Volume: 45L

Electrical data

  • Nominal input voltage: 200-240V
  • Rated output voltage (to gun): 24V
  • Rated output current (to gun): 1.2A
  • Protection type: IP54
  • Temperature range: 0 °C -+40 °C (+32 °F - +104 °F)
  • Solenoid Valve Voltage: DC24V
  • Gun output voltage: 0-100KV
  • Gun output current: 0-150uA

Pneumatical data

  • Max.input pressure: 0.8Mpa
  • Min.input pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Output pressure: 0.8Mpa
  • Max.water vapour content of the compressed air: 1.3g/m3
  • Max.oil vapour content of the compressed air: 0.1mg/m3
  • Max.compressed air consumption: 13.2m/h(0.4MPa)

Gun Parameter

  • Input: 24V
  • Voltage Frequency: Around 25KHZ
  • Input Current: 1.2A
  • Output Voltage: 0~100KV DC
  • Max.Output powder volume:Around 600G/MIN
  • Gun cable: 6M
  • Gun weight: 460G
  • Container Capacity: 45L

Powder Coating Curing Oven

  • Powerful 7.2KW curing oven with double shelf
  • Includes a Soak control system and 8-segment Ramp Control
  • New and improved Control Panel makes curing quick and easy
  • Bolt Lock system for maximum safety
  • This product can and should be wired to a 32AMP plug
  • Four shelves and two rails per shelf
  • FREE 12 month electrical parts warranty


    Voltage: 230V / 50Hz Fan Power: 60W x 2 Temperature Range: 0-250 C Air Speed: 2800rpm Power: 7.2KW Temperature Stability: +/-5 Insulated Plate: 7-8cm Insulation: High temperature silicon cotton Dimensions: 199cm (H) x 121.5cm (W) x 101.8cm (D) Internal Dimensions: 160cm (H) 84.5cm (W) x 84.5cm (D) Material: Steel, Iron, Plastic

T-Mech Powder Coating Bundle - Spray Machine & Curing Oven

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