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The Soulra Boost 8400 features a micro-USB DCC input to use with most smartphone chargers and with a high yield (2.1 A) USB port for charging devices such as tablets.If the Boost is fully charged, the powerbank is strong enough for most smartphones 3-4 times to load and a tablet the power so that you just can. The Boost a short "shake" he will show you how much battery you have left. This he does by means of the LED indicators.By the sleek and elegant design fits in any trouser pocket, handbag or the palm of your hand and will you a nice boost. This Soulra Boost 8400 is available in black or anodized aluminium.

Soulra Boost 8400 - Silver

Brand : CheapOutdoor
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CheapOutdoor is created after our own backpack trips to Scotland in 2013 and 2014. We had a long weekend planned to backpacking in the Cairngorms. But in addition to the flight and the cost for the train we also had a lot of material is needed. If you can't have this can get expensive quickly. Schotland 2013 There, we walked over, two people for the first time with a fully loaded backpack on their back, through the Cairngorms. Then you realize that what is helpful is to take and what not. The locals were the only flierefluitend by, we, the newbe's did there bit longer. The opinion of the Scots: stick to the path! The Schotlandkenners among us know how it fits together...paths not always visible, and signage, which is generally removed, you're on your own!